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  • 2016-12-21


    BST greetings 2016

  • 2016-12-07


    Started in this year February, disagreement between Poland and Russia, has finally come to an end.
    After more than half a year fighting for new permits system and adding chaos to everyday life of carriers, on thePL-RU November 9-10 in Krakow, two delegations held a meeting and reached an agreement that should finally satisfy both parties.

    Although a temporary solution to the problem was taken quite quickly after the conflict sparked, Russia felt unsafe and started looking for more ways to reach Western Europe. While considering the possibility of increasing ferry line capacity of ports connecting Russia and Germany, Russia grew tension right before the negotiations with Poland. News about Russian deliberations spread quite quickly and for Poland this meant that Russians are preparing alternatives to bypass the territory of Poland. This route would not be the most convenient for carriers and would not serve for the Klaipeda Ferry service, but it seems that it has made its influence on the agreement with Poland.

    According to the final decision, both countries will exchange with 190 thousand permits each, of which 48 thousand (for Poland) and 10 thousand (for Russia) will be given for the third-party cargo. Lithuanian Carrier’s union president Mecislavas Atroskevicius claimed, that quota is sufficient for both sides. Russia will be able to travel freely through Poland to Western Europe and can stop considering ferry improvement, and Poland should have enough permits for third-party transportation through Russia.

  • 2016-11-01

    Russia plans to close the border post Krasna Gorka for EU carriers

    Carriers association Linava was informed that Russia closed Krasna Gorka border crossing point for citizens not from Russia or Belarus. Russia did some changes in rules for EU citizens that allow crossing Russian border from Belarus with cars. Russian FSB Border Service motivating this decision by the fact that Russian – Belarusian border do not have any international border crossing points and cannot be used by foreign citizens.


  • 2016-10-01

    Good news from Belarus for Lithuanian carriers – permits quota will not change in 2017

    For Lithuanian carriers transporting international cargo in 2017, Belarus has already issuedLT-BY 33 thousand bilateral, 128 thousand transit and 5 thousand permits for the transportation of goods to / from third countries. It has been agreed at the road transport joint commission meeting of Lithuania and Belarus in Minsk, on August 23-25, where preliminary permits quota for passenger transportation has also been established for 2017.

    Statistics of both countries for trade between Lithuania and Belarus, regarding freight and passenger transport by road, were presented at Bilateral Commission meeting. The decrease of trade and passenger transportation between countries and transits were highlighted, but permits quota will not be reduced.

    Lithuanian representatives of Ministry of Transport and Communications and State Road Transport Inspectorate under Ministry of Transport and Communications were very concerned regarding Belоrussian customs seized vehicles, which were used for goods transported between the Customs Union countries.

    Belarus informed that changes in customs code are already prepared and approved. They will allow to transport goods between Customs Union countries. It is planned that the changes will take effect from 2017.

    Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications